Google New Algorithm Update – New SEO Best Practices to Implement in 2020

If you have found that your website traffic has dropped considerably, and you are not appearing in the search results in the past couple of weeks then it could be due to the recent update of Google in September.

With the new algorithm, the web spiders are more effectively searching the Internet for content and ranking it based on relevance, and quality to match a search query. Let us know more about the new update in Google’s algorithm.

What do businesses need to be on par with the new Google algorithm?

SEO is not dead. It is evolving. To keep up with the Google’s new algorithm, it requires that your SEO strategy should evolve.

With short-term strategies that are only focused on webpage optimizations with only a few links won’t get you far. You may get quick wins with short term strategies. However, to achieve continued success, you need an effective strategy advancement to be able to survive algorithm updates.

Run an advertisement

It is becoming less possible to rank your website organically on the top search engine results, even if you practice good SEO practices. If you wish to appear in relevant search engine page results, then you need to be well prepared to pay the fee and run an advertisement.

Optimize for voice search

The next thing that you can do is to optimize your website for voice searches. It has been predicted that in the coming years, there would be thirty percentage web browsing done via voice-based. Looking at this trend, it has become very important for a business to revise their SEO strategy, and optimize the website for this service.

This is because today people don’t have the time to type and do an online search. They are accessing the web while driving, cooking, working out, etc. they prefer to perform a voice-based and hands-free search and perform multitasking.

Also, find out where your users are hanging out. It may be on different social media websites. Devise your strategy in a way that it can assist you in reaching to a broader set of audience. The more your business is visible, the more likely your business is to get clients.

Ensure your content has to be of the top priority

As Google is getting more sophisticated, and smarter, it prefers to rank only those websites that provide high-quality content. The secret way to make maximum out of the new and updated Google algorithm is to create the best content for your business.

When you ask for best content, it implies relevancy, original, authentic, and informative. Developing a collection of quality content requires time, attention to its tiniest detail, and financing.

Keep optimizing, be patient, and make use of ads-based marketing on your website. As Google’s new algorithm for 2020 is bringing several new modifications to SEO, it can directly influence your business revenues.

To get maximum benefits out of your SEO efforts, you need to get the right SEO team by your side that can begin designing the targeted SEO strategies for your business.

Learn about your client’s business

For every new business campaign, you need to dive deeper into the client’s business. It will help you learn about your clients, its services, and product, its audience, its competitors and its objectives.

All this understanding helps in the determination of the proper KPIs to measure success and also remove any doubt about whether the methods are working or not. These helpful insights serve effectively in the development of remarkable strategies and enable lateral thinking that in turn ties ideas to drive search, online and business growth.

Focus on Audit

When it comes to developing effective marketing strategies, most of the businesses overlook audit. With a strong base of business knowledge, and carrying out different types of audits such as local audit, technical audit, and analytics audit you can examine your website structure, and get in-depth information about the business.

Your team must work with the marketing department, engineers, customers, and sales staff, to get the right message to get more rankings, conversions, clicks, and revenue. By tying the below audits together, you will get a clear understanding of the needs of your users, and how effectively you can serve them well.

Technical Audit

A website can’t prosper when it doesn’t have a thorough inspection of its technical structure. No matter how influential your website content is, or how effective your keyword research is, your website success largely depends on technical issues.

If left technical issues remain unsolved then it can derail the organic success of a website. Based on the potential impact of the issues, and the level of effort needed, you need to develop an attacking strategy to mitigate it.

Local Audit

Once you have effectively carried out the technical audit, you now need to perform the local audit. Herein, you need to evaluate the presence of your business on local organic channels and strengthen it. It is essential that all businesses with a strong local presence follow the best practices both off-site and on-site (citations, Google My Business, etc.) to compete.

Analytics Audit

Identification of the right KPI for your business is only effective when you track them regularly. Essential audit strategies comprise an analytics audit that ensures critical steps are been taken to monitor and reported.


The new Google algorithm makes it quite clear that Google wants to have more users on its search engine results page. Online businesses and digital marketers need to bring a shift in their marketing strategies and focus more on where the user is converting. So, the businesses need to play on Google’s field.

It is required that ensure they are up to par with the latest requirements, and offerings by Google. A holistic understanding of the objectives of the business, its operations, and the right keywords are needed to figure out the best method of attack. It will help in the creation of a long-term strategy for a flourishing online presence.

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